When we look back on this year full of remote working sessions, one insight sticks with us: Our professional relationships between colleagues are also real connections that give us something in return. When we think of relationships, we often refer to friends, couples, families. But also in our professional life, we need close ties. Especially when we work jointly as one global team.

In 2016, the first colleagues entered the doors to our Ludwigsburg offices. Since then we have grown to one big digital family with offices in Berlin, Palo Alto, Tel Aviv, Shanghai, Beijing, Atlanta, Zagreb and - our latest addition - Barcelona. Besides working on excellent digital products all of you impress with your team spirit. Not only while doing your job, but also during team events when you hit the race track together or organize a common lunch or dinner.

Together, we drive the digital transformation of Porsche. We share common values and aspirations and rallie as a team to build exciting digital products and features. Strong ties and networks exist throughout the locations. Empathy and the curiosity to get to know the person behind the team member is your driver. It creates a strong and reliable team spirit. And that’s what makes Porsche Digital unique.

Thank you all for your passion, your commitment and your great work.
Cheers to that, hi5, merry Christmas and a joyful new year!

Introducing the NFT
NOT-SO-ugly Hi5 Winter
Sweater Collection

A special (digital) present for all Porsche Digital employees: Claim your own not-so-ugly winter sweater out of a collection of 270. Each one is unique consists of various traits. They will be issued at random as a NFT (Non-fungible Token) to start or extend your own digital collection.
Explore the Collection

super simple and completed in 2 minutes

How to receive your unique nft

Get the Phantom-Wallet

You need a wallet compatible with the Solana blockchain. We suggest the Phantom Wallet, which can be easily installed as a browser extension.
Link: https://phantom.app/download

Create your personal wallet

Follow the instructions to create a new wallet. The process of setting up a new wallet is easy and can be completed within a few minutes.

Send us your public wallet address

Copy your public wallet address from the "Receive Tab" in the wallet and send it to us via Email. Your address is a 44 digit long combination of letters and numbers. Email: Secret.Santa@porsche.digital

we are going To send out sweaters On December 22nd